Our Mission

Serve the needs of our stakeholders; our stakeholders are those affected by what we do.

Our stakeholders include customers, employees, subcontractors, vendors, shareholders, and others.


Since 1953, Belair’s mission has always been to serve. Our reputation for integrity and honesty has been the most valued aspect of our service to the construction industry. Our skilled management teams have the experience and knowledge to give you the service needed to add real value your toughest projects. Providing site-work and prime contracting services is our business. Protecting your investment is our Specialty.



Henry “Hank” Murlowski
1917-2001 (Founder)


Belair was incorporated in 1953 by Henry Murlowski. Our original focus was on residential construction projects. We evolved into commercial construction and demolition services by the mid 70’s.

By 1975 Belair had acquired a sizable inventory of heavy equipment which was utilized on all of its development sites. Since that time, we have refocused our mission into becoming a premier site work services company specializing in safety critical multi-division projects. Belair serves customers across the United States.

DBE Opportunities

Belair is committed to utilizing businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in our procurement and contracting process. When soliciting quality subs and vendors our goal is to strive at building community partnerships to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. Because of that, we encourage DBE participation in our solicitation process.

Depending on the nature and scope of the project, we take the following steps to assure DBE opportunities by:

  • Including qualified DBEs on solicitation lists
  • Assuring that DBEs are solicited whenever they are potential sources
  • Providing access to all relevant plan and specifications as needed
  • Using the services and assistance of the Small Business Administration or other appropriate agencies

LEAN Construction

As a leader in “LEAN Construction” we utilize a set of management principles, tools and best practices modeled after the Toyota Production System. Our Lean technologies are designed to identify and eliminate WASTE in all phases of the construction process.


By Producing / Providing what is needed, when it is needed, with the minimum amount of materials, equipment, labor and space; Belair services offer savings and efficiencies not easily identified in a typical “bid/build” project.

At Belair we focus on the whole value stream, creating flow among the value-adding processes from conception to completion. The goal is to provide the “best value” to our customers.


LEED Certified

Are you getting all the LEED Credits you deserve? At Belair we employ Project Managers with LEED Certification. By identifying potential LEED credits from alternative demolition and other environmental solutions, we can help you achieve the LEED standard that adds real value to your project.