Crystal Lake Flocculation System

    Robbinsdale, MN
Project Facts
  • Over 1,500 LF of 8” and
    12” HDPE pipe was set on
    the lake bottom.
  • A dewatering system was
    installed with multiple
    points to drop the water
    table elevation for the construction
    of the clarifier.
  • A pre-fabricated chemical
    feed building (15’x38’) was
    place on-site to facilitate an
    accelerated start-up.

  Project Picture

The Crystal Lake Flocculation System is designed to remove phosphorous, which is introduced into Crystal Lake from storm water shed from the Minneapolis and the Robbinsdale area. The elevated concentrations of phosphorous eventually promote excessive algae blooms leading to diminished water quality and reducing the wildlife quality of the lake.

The Flocculation system is designed to operate seasonally, on an as needed basis. Phosphorous will be precipitated out of the lake water and segregated in the clarifier and directed to the City of Minneapolis sanitary sewer system. The lake water will be reintroduced into Crystal Lake.

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