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Since our inception in 1953, Belair Sitework Services has been in relentless pursuit of zero. On every job, we strive for zero incidents and zero injuries. Why? It’s the right thing to do for our stakeholders.

Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility . . . and Priority

As a commercial construction and demolition service provider, every Belair worksite is safety-critical. Maintaining a worksite that is safe for our customers, employees, subcontractors, and the public is in the best interest of everyone involved in our project, who we call our stakeholders.

From your very first meeting with our skilled management team, our focus will be on the safety of your worksite. Not only is preventing incidents and injuries the right thing to do, it prevents unexpected costs and time delays. A safe worksite is an efficient worksite.

Worksite safety is the top concern of our site managers and work crews. Our employees, subcontractors, and vendors complete daily safety checklists and participate in occupational wellness programs to ensure their bodies are warmed up and ready to work safely. Weekly, our teams work through our accident prevention program. Safety training is required throughout the year, and everyone on our crew is rewarded for reporting near-miss incidents, a key success factor in preventing future injuries.

If your project is environmental or involves earthworks or demolition, the public is a stakeholder in your project. Your project management team will include public safety measures to ensure your worksite does not endanger your community. We work with local, state, and federal governments, when appropriate, and hire environmental engineers to protect the public and the environment surrounding your site. Our experience includes hazardous waste management, leachate collection and management, and mine reclamation, tough projects where safety is paramount.

How Belair Relentlessly Pursues Safety

Belair embraces a top-down approach to worksite safety. Two full-time safety experts are on-staff to develop and monitor our worksite safety programs and foster a culture of work safety across all departments. The efforts of these experts and our entire staff have earned us the National Safety Excellence Award from Minnesota’s Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program.

Our team participates in these routine safety procedures:

  • Mandatory daily preventative planning checklists
  • Mandatory stretch-and-bends for all employees
  • Mandatory weekly safety toolbox talks
  • Accident prevention program
  • Near-miss reporting incentive and reward program
  • Safety orientation for all new employees
  • OSHA Competent Person: Earthwork & Confined Space certification
  • OSHA 40-hour HAZMAT certification
  • OSHA 10-hour asbestos certification

Safety is our top priority and responsibility. If you want to work with a sitework services provider that works relentlessly toward zero incidents and zero injuries, contact Belair Sitework Services today.


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